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Wednesday Night Time Trial Series

2019 RHBC Wednesday Night Time Trial Series

The purpose of the time trial series is to give each rider an individual measure of their 'fitness' by establishing their time over a 10-mile road course.

Watch this video & see how much fun it is !!   RHBC TT video   (video courtesy of Tom Ryan)

Dates:  Every other Wednesday beginning on March 27.  See the calendar for complete schedule. Dates are subject to change, please refer to this web page for any updates.

Venue:  Due to changes to Ogden Road, we have a new Venue for latter part of 2019 and beyond.  Langrum Baptist Church (1500 McFarland Rd, York, SC).  Parking available at the church. They are kind enough to host us, so please treat their property with respect, and clean up after yourself. No bathrooms will be available on site. There are ample side roads nearby to warm up on.

Course: 10 mile loop through the country roads of york county.  The route will follow McFarland Rd for 5 miles, navigate a roundabout, and return to the church. Standard time trial rules apply. The decisions to award, or take away, time are final and are not open to debate.  

Time: First rider off at 6:30 pm . Successive riders go in either 30 or 60 second intervals dependent on number of riders. This will be decided by the starting official and they will notify the riders before the TT. It is possible that the starting time will be moved up to 6:00 for the first & last events of the year. Check website for updates.

Fee: Registration opens at 5:30 pm.  No Fee, but a donation jar will be present.  Competitors usually kick in $2-3 or so per event.

Waivers and Helmets: Each rider and volunteer will need to sign an RHBC liability waiver. Helmets are required to be worn whenever you are on your bike.

Volunteers: We are always looking for a few good volunteers to help marshal a couple of critical corners and help with timing. If you are competing for year end points, you must volunteer (or supply a volunteer) for at least one event. In doing so, you will receive points for that race equal to your neutral time (ie, 12 points), you can volunteer for points up to 2 times during the season.

Points Systems: A rider accrues points based on personal improvement.  There will be year end awards for the top finishers in the point standings.  Everyone can participate in the TT series and the points competition.

2019 Weekly Results and Standings
 Week Speed Points
 1 2019 TT 1 Speed
 2019 TT 1 Points
 2 2019 TT 2 Speed  2019 TT 2 Points
 3 2019 TT 3 Speed   2019 TT 3 Points
 4 2019 TT 4 Speed   2019 TT 4 Points
 5 2019 TT 5 Speed   2019 TT 5 Points
 6 Canceled for rain   
 7 2019 TT 6 Speed  2019 TT 6 Points
 8 2019 TT 8 Speed   2019 TT 8 Points
 9 2019 TT 9 Speed
 2019 TT 9 Points
10 2019 TT 10 Speed   2019 TT 10 Points
11 2019 TT 11 Speed   2019 TT 11 Points
12 2019 TT 12 Speed  2019 TT 12 Points

2019 Final Results:  2019 TT Final Standings
2018 Final Results:  2018 TT Final Standings

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the RHBC TT series this year. Riders are sent off solo at intervals, it is just you against the clock. Overall scoring for the series is calculated entirely on personal improvement against your own PR (personal record) for the events in which you participate. This usually gives the newcomer a wheel up for placing well in the overall series. End of year awards will be given based on overall points. Everyone is welcome. 
Once again, we strongly encourage EVERYONE to participate, or at least give it a try. These are fun events and the camaraderie is fantastic. If you can ride the Monday Night Ride, there is no reason not to get involved.

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Monday Night Rides
On hiatus until next Spring.  

Time Trial Series
The TT series has concluded for the year.  You can see the standings on the TT page (under Rides).

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