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Volunteering, it's not a dirty word

Tim Nissen | Published on 2/26/2021
How do you make a group of people scatter quickly?  Ask for volunteers.

The RHBC is in a prime position to increase our visibility, help others, and give a sense of accomplishment, all at the same time.  Whether we help out a races, assist in community outreach, or even turning our own Fall Harvest Ride into a success, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer.

Unfortunately, getting volunteers can be a tricky, and often futile, endeavor.  Back in 2019 the Club sent out a survey.  76% of the people that responded said they would be happy to volunteer for events.  However, and rather embarrassingly, when it came time for people to actually volunteer, only .6% (yes, less than 1%) of the 200+ people we reached out to stepped up.   The most common excuse, I mean reason, for not volunteering, is time.  People just don't think they have the time.  In most cases, there is a misunderstanding on the actual time commitment.  When at all possible, we try to keep volunteer shifts at about two to four hours long.  We'll work around your availability.  If you can only give an hour, we'll be happy to work around that.  The important thing is, just try it.  Give a little time when the opportunity arises.

Oh, and not to mention the health benefits of volunteering. Studies show volunteering makes you happier, lowers stress and anxiety, helps you connect with others, and gives you a sense of purpose. So, if not for the club, do it for you.

Over the next year, the Club will present a number of opportunities to volunteer that we will promote via our web site, social media, and email.  We'll have different events and different jobs at those events.  I hope that you'll give it a try.  You will meet and work with great people and be part of something special.

I hope to see you out there.
Tim Nissen
Advocacy Director  

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